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Best grass seed for clay soil – Top Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

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We often hear that the grass is always greener on the other side, but what if I told you that now even you could have a lush green lawn? Using proverbs in making something understandable is what I have been loving lately. And apart from writing, I am also enjoying looking after my garden and making sure that I maintain it. Lawn owners often complain about how difficult it is to find the right grass seed for clay soil and the searching process can be quite challenging for the beginners. Thick, lush turf is what can make your lawn or garden look pretty. And achieving that is easy when you have the right grass seeds and knowledge about mowing the lawn.

Best grass seed for clay soil

Finding suitable grass seeds for the lawn is a bit more tricky than finding other products. The growth and germination of seed depend on so many factors such as climate, soil type, sunlight, water and much more that makes it more confusing. People who are just starting will find this process complicated, but I have researched some of the best grass seed for clay soil and curated a list of options for you. I have tried and included the seed mix options more in this list because seed mixes are made so that the turf can grow faster. These seed mixes are the blend of different varieties that have notable features helping you to achieve that lush green lawn you always wanted. 

Apart from the options, I will also share my tried and tested quick tips to select the right option, maintaining your lawn and much more. Let us go through the list of the top-rated grass seeds for clay soil.


1. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass Seed Mix

Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass Seed Mix

Jonathan Green is that one brand that has been a constant choice and the popular one too for getting the premium quality grass seeds for clay soil. This grass seed mix has 50 percent of black magic turf tall fescue, 25 percent of tombstone turf tall fescue and 25 percent taos turf tall fescue. Unlike other grass seeds, this one has a mix of multiple variants, which helps in achieving that green turf that you had been looking for. The seeds are picked up for the mix that can germinate faster and help in growing. As the seeds are of premium quality, they do not take much time to grow. However, people who have used this mix for reseeding 

  • The grass grows well in both situations: full sunlight and partial shade.
  • This seed mix is suitable for both sandy and clay soil.
  • Many buyers have used this seed mix to improve the damaged spots in their lawns to get a lush green turf.
  • These seeds are formulated such that they are resistant to diseases as well as draught.
  • As the mix contains various species of grass seeds, it helps in better and quick growth of grass.
  • One can easily cover up to 10,000 sq km of the lawn area by using this seed mix of grass seeds.
  • There are different packs available depending on your preference, making it easy to choose and save some bucks by buying large quantities together
  • People using it for seeding it first timer not happy with the result and have said that it works better for correcting the spots or reseeding the lawn area.


2. Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Blue Mix 

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Blue Mix 

Scotts Turf is also one of the known and trusted brands when it comes to seeds. The company has a wide range of seeds for different weather, area, preference and other such factors. This particular seed mix is suitable for clay soil. The blue mix seeds grow 33% faster than the regular tall fescue. The buyers have also said that the seeds quickly start spreading and also help in repairing the wear and tear of the lawn. The unique technology used in designing of this seed mix helps in jumpstarting the growth of grass faster. There are several size options available for this option and if you want to give it a try, then you can invest as little as $15 for getting a small bag of this seed mix.

  • The seeds are coated with 4 in one Watersmart Plus coating that helps them in absorbing two times more water than the regular seeds.
  • The lawn owners looking for a small seed mix to cover up to 750 square feet area can opt for this option.
  • The seeds are designed so that it can grow in both full sun and partial shade.
  • This bag of mixed seeds is suitable for all the Northern and Southern states in the US.
  • Seeds are resistant to drought and also have the ability to recover from heat or drought damage.
  • The formulation used for these seeds helps them in resisting the diseases and also increases the absorption of essential nutrients.
  • Some people have faced the issue of low germination rate due to near to expiry or expiry seed mix.
  • The germination rate is relatively slow for this seed mix.


3. WaterSaver Grass Mixture 

WaterSaver Grass Mixture 

Another excellent option that one can consider for clay soil is this grass mixture by the brand of WaterSaver. The seed mix has a blend of fescue grass that has a variety of the self-repairing tall fescue. This variety of the seed is known for filling the spots, self-repair, and ability to send rhizomes under the ground. For lawn owners who have a hard time weeding their lawns, you can opt for this alternative as it is 99% weed-free. The turf grows quickly with the help of these seeds and requires less mowing comparatively. Its economical price point gives this alternative an extra brownie point along with its fantastic features.

  • The seeds are ideal for the transition climate zone and especially for the northern climate zone.
  • The turf grown with the help of these seeds require less water and less maintenance as it grows into a self-repairing lawn.
  • The seed mixture is formulated to grow even in stressful weather conditions making sure that your lawn always looks lush green.
  • Like the other alternatives, this seed mix is also heat and drought resistant.
  • One can use this seed mix to grow turn in the sun or shade.
  • The lawn seeding rate for this seed mix is 5 lb to 10 lb/10,000 sq. Ft.
  • Different sizes of seed mix are available for this option, and so you can make a choice depending upon the area of your lawn.
  • Some buyers have complained about the slow rate of germination with this seed mix.
  • The seeds will not germinate if your soil is covered with wax.


4. Mountain View Seed Mix

Mountain View Seed Mix

If you are looking for an organic seed mix, then this alternative is ideal for you. This versatile seed mix contains a blend of fine fescue, perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, providing you with green and thick turf in your lawn. The most notable feature of this alternative is that it is sourced directly from the farms. There are no GMO ingredients or fillers in this seed mix. One can also get these seeds for transforming the damaged spots in your lawn or also for reseeding the turf.

  • The seeds are coated using the WaterGard QS technique that increases the capacity of absorbing and storing water.
  • The seed mix is resistant to diseases or insects that could hamper the growth of grass.
  • The germination time of these seeds is 7 to 10 days.
  • The pack of the mix has all the needed directions and guidelines for planting these seeds that can come handy to someone who is just starting gardening.
  • The mix is suitable for both sunny and shady areas.
  • It can be used in mild, wet winters and even dry or warm summer climate zones.
  • Some buyers faced issues regarding the germination of seeds.


5. Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed

Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed

The last option on this list is this Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed from the Patten Seed Company. These seeds help you to achieve medium-textured dark green leaves. The turf growing from theses seeds is dense, slow-growing and requires less maintenance. Another key feature of this seed is that it can tolerate the wear and tear more efficiently than the other options. However, the seeds are recommended for the climates for the southern coast of the US to the upper transition zone. 

These seeds can grow best in colder climates and can also withstand heat. Complete planting instructions along with other details are given on the pack of the seeds that can help the buyer to prep the soil and further plant these seeds.

  • This seed is an excellent alternative for tall fescue and is also drought resistant.
  • The grass has a medium blade and is tolerant of extreme heat and cold weather conditions.
  • The turf that grows from this seed is shade tolerant and so it can adapt in full sun or shade.
  • Zenith seeds take 14 to 21 days to sprout in warm soil that is the temperature is higher than 60 degrees.
  • A 2 lb bag of seeds can cover up to 2,000 square feet of the lawn area.
  • These seeds can be used for lawns, gardens, residential areas, as well as golf courses, sports fields, roadsides and other such places.
  • The price point is a bit higher than all the other options on this list.
  • Some customers complained about the weed problems with these seeds.


How to choose the grass seed for clay soil?

As mentioned above, the growth and germination of any seed depend on several factors. While you are purchasing seeds, make sure to go through the following features:

Seed variety: Some seeds grow better in warm climates and others need colder weather. According to your location, you can select the type of seed. Keeping the environment of your area in mind will help you to finalize the alternative quickly.

Sun or shade: The next factor that you should consider is whether you are going to grow turf in full sun or shade. Some varieties of seeds can grow in both the conditions; however, one should consider this factor while going through the product description and its features to make the id right choice.

Fillers or weeds: Many seed mixes come with fillers or weeds, which are of no use primarily. It is always better to opt for the seeds that have weed-free to save your time and get more seeds in the packet.

Germination time: Several companies mention the germination time that can help you know the exact time a seed will require to grow and the approximate time for your turf to spread. You can invest in slow-growing turf seeds as they are often more dense and thick. 

Maintenance: Another vital factor is the maintenance of the grass; some turfs need more mowing and maintenance while some require less maintenance. You can opt for the seeds that require low maintenance to save your time and efforts for maintaining your lawn.

Concluding Remarks

Lawns need constant maintenance and as a lawn owner, you should water your turf, add fertilizers if needed, weed the grass, mow it and keep it away from the insects by using the insecticides or pesticides. You can get many self-help blogs on maintaining a lawn and mowing them. Investing in good seeds is just the first step towards getting a lush green grass, the steps you follow after affect the results and how your lawn looks. All the seeds mentioned above are rated best due to its qualities and outstanding features. 

Most of them are resistant to drought and heat, which helps in preventing the damage. I would recommend to go with the first alternative of Jonathan Green Black Beauty Seed Mix as it spreads beautifully and also covers the spots in the lawn. All the other options are also formulated to grow quickly, but make sure to go through the product features before you finalize the option.

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