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How to Get Rid of Thrips from Plants and Leaves

How to Get Rid of Thrips from Plants and Leaves

The pest named thrips are found in greenhouses and gardens that suck the juices of the plants. They are about 1/20 of an inch with over 5,000 species. You cannot see it with naked eye easily as they are very tiny in size. With the naked eye, they appear like little dark thread. Some are without wings, and some have fringed wings. They move very fast and is present in many forms of vegetation like carrots, onions, beans, squash, flowers like gladioli and roses.

To extract the sap from the plants they make use of mouthparts to puncture the outer layers of the plants while some species extract body fluids by piercing the skin of other insects. They are attracted to white, yellow, and light-colored blossoms. They spread tomato spotted wilt virus. They are found on cannabis plant too, so it is important to control thrip.

Now I would like to discuss in detail how to get rid of thrips?

The Thrip damage will protect the plants and flowers. So let’s move on-

  • To eliminate different host, remove the weeds and grass around garden areas. The crop debris should be cleaned in the backyard.
  • The plants imported in the garden should be inspected to control the damage caused by thrips. Put the infested plant in the trash.
  • Blue Sticky Traps protect the plant from thrips as they possess special color attractant. It is adequate for indoor gardeners and can check adult population.
  • To control the pest, you can use bug blaster which is non-toxic and safe.
  • Bonide Pyrethrin is the potent botanical insecticide to control annoying pest on fruits and vegetables. For consecutive three weeks, you can apply pyrethrum spray once in a week. The first application will kill the adult thrips, and the second application will remove the new babies, and from the last use, the leftovers will be cleaned.
  • Insecticidal soaps are made of plant oil can be used to check the infested area. To eradicate thrips, you can make use of potassium soap.
  • Spinosad Spray is useful in removing thrips. The results will be outstanding if you spray pests when they are active like summer.
  • Neem oil can also be used for the infested area. It will help in thrip control.

Sometimes it may happen that after applying organic pest control methods, the thrips can reappear. So if you face such type situation, then it would be advisable to take care of your soil. Regularly water the plants and apply mulch. It is desirable to remove the damaged leaves from the predisposed plants and do not over-fertilize your plant.


I hope from checking the above steps you got an answer of how to kill thrip?

You should inspect the susceptible plant so that you can detect the presence of thrips as early as possible. Thrips on Cannabis destroy the vegetation, so preventive measures have to be undertaken carefully. Check the underside of the leaves and if you find the presence of thrips in any part of the plant or anywhere in the garden then apply the above-mentioned steps so that you can be free from the problem as soon as possible.

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